Butler is a Nigerian born, London based multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on the intentional removal of informational excess through a subtle, minimalistic approach. His work fixates on the significance of clarity in content, while upholding an uncompromising attitude towards achieving figurativism in a minimalistic art form. Butler grasps at the purity of objects in their rawest form, depicting just how possible it is to dissect the physical personality, without eliminating the elementary aspects of allure that many contemporary individuals relate to.

Most recent works predominantly capture the confidence of women with equally confident and precise lines, each stroke emphasising the delicateness of their femininity. The illustrations feature women in their most natural element, nude, or half nude. Butler captures the myth of nudity and its synonymity with the erotic by dangling it upside down by the feet as a celebratory exhibit of the female form. It is precisely the artist’s unflinching clarity of vision that allows him to express something complex in as few lines as possible, allowing the audiences to discover the emotion, thoughts and make the connections themselves, filling in their own gaps, rather than imposing them.

He studied Graphic Design at Havering College and Ravensbourne University. His social media presence of 30,000+ followers has given him the opportunity to work for international brands such as Adidas, Beats by Dre, Selfridges. MTV VMA's and Dr. Martens. As of today, over 80+ people have Butler’s work permanently tattooed on their skin. He currently lives and works in London, England.