Aleksei is a Russian born London based artist whose practice is based around sculpture, installation, physical painting and drawing. He currently concentrates his practice on video and installation work. Placing an emphasis human characteristics which suggest life and mortality through objects, he is attempting to break the barrier between living and non-living. This interest stems from his ongoing research in psychological and philosophical fields which explore our perception of reality from a functional standpoint.


Butler is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on the intentional removal of informational excess through a subtle, minimalistic approach. His work fixates on the significance of clarity in content, while upholding an uncompromising attitude towards achieving figurativism in a minimalistic art form. Butler grasps at the purity of objects in their rawest form, depicting just how possible it is to dissect the physical personality, without eliminating the elementary aspects of allure that many contemporary individuals relate to.


Combining both their skill & influences, they have created a new body work comprising of non-gender specific intuitive figures that depict various mental states, using charcoal as the main medium of expression. The aim of the both artists is to hope that the viewer can see a part of themselves in these drawings, re discovering their sense of self.













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